Biff helps solo developers move fast.

Get Started
Biff is a simple, easy, full-stack web framework for Clojure. Launch new projects quickly without getting bogged down in complexity later.
# Create a new project:
bb -e "$(curl -s"
Biff curates libraries and tools from across the ecosystem and composes them into one polished whole.
Flexible data modeling, expressive Datalog queries, and immutable history. Biff adds schema enforcement with Malli.
Create rich, interactive UIs without leaving the backend. Throw in a dash of hyperscript for light frontend scripting.
Ready to deploy
Biff comes with code for setting up an Ubuntu VPS, including Git push-to-deploy, HTTPS certificates, and NGINX configuration.
Develop in prod 😈
Whenever you save a file, any new code will be immediately hot swapped into the server. (Don't worry, it's optional!)
...and several other carefully chosen pieces. Biff is only about 2,000 lines of code. It's designed to be taken apart and modified, so it doesn't get in the way as your needs evolve.