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20 Jun 2022
Announcing Platypub: open-source blogging + newsletter tool
Platypub is meant to help people learn Biff, the Clojure web framework I made.
25 Apr 2022
Biff demo: developing in production
Screencast of developing a Biff application while it runs in production.
19 Apr 2022
Platypub: plans for building a blogging platform with Biff
As a way to help people learn Biff, I've been thinking about creating a "large" (compared to toy projects, at least) example application. Ideally it would be something genuinely useful that would warrant ongoing development for a long time, perhaps indefinitely.
10 Apr 2022
Biff demo: getting started, deployment
Video demo of setting up, developing, and deploying a new Biff project.
4 Apr 2022
New major release for Biff
After 10 weekends of development, I’m [positive emotion] to announce a new major release of Biff, the full-stack Clojure web framework that I’ve been using in my small bootstrapped business for the past couple years.
22 Feb 2022
Biff is now sponsored by Clojurists Together and JUXT!
I recently applied and was accepted for the $1,000 grant tier from Clojurists Together. Afterward I asked the fine folks at JUXT if they’d like to pitch in as well—since Biff is built on XTDB, it seemed like a good fit. They’re now sponsoring Biff/me for $1,000/month. I’m deeply grateful!
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