For the uninitiated: Biff is a Clojure web framework aimed at solo developers.


Coding meetups

This month we have meetups scheduled on the 15th and the 29th. Follow the links to RSVP and get the Zoom link.

I renamed the meetup from "Biff Pair Programming" to "Biff Coding" since probably most of these will be solo coding sessions done by yours truly 🙂. But sign up here if you'd like to participate in a pair programming session.

Code review

If you'd like some code review for your own project, make an issue on this repo.

Projects made with Biff


Yakread: this is my current "main thing" as of several weeks ago. Yakread imports your content from various places (like RSS, newsletters, ...) and merges it all into one algorithmically-curated feed. I've finished the essential features and am using it happily myself. Next step is to work on the onboarding experience and marketing. I've written several explanatory posts.

If you're building something with Biff and would like a small amount of exposure, let me know and I'll mention it in next month's newsletter.

Future plans



These will not all be complete in September, to be clear 🙂.


I think I'll try to do more with GitHub Discussions too, i.e. use it as a companion to the #biff Slack channel. At a minimum I'll make a post there each month for these newsletter issues. Feel free to leave a comment.

[Slightly off-topic] Ideas for stuff to build

This section ended up being kind of long, so I broke it out into a separate post.