Create a project


Run this command to create a new Biff project:

# Linux/Mac:
clj -M -e '(load-string (slurp ""))'

# Windows (Powershell):
clj -M -e '(load-string (slurp """"))'

This will create a minimal CRUD app which demonstrates most of Biff's features. Run clj -M:dev dev to start the app on localhost:8080. Whenever you save a file, Biff will:

  • Evaluate any changed Clojure files (and any files which depend on them)
  • Regenerate static HTML and CSS files
  • Run tests

Open the dev/repl.clj file for notes about REPL-driven development. When you're ready to deploy, see Production.

Have a question? Join the #biff channel on Clojurians Slack, or ask on GitHub.

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