Create a project


Run this command to create a new Biff project:

bb -e '(load-string (slurp ""))'

This will create a minimal CRUD app which demonstrates most of Biff's features. Run bb dev to start the app on localhost:8080. Whenever you save a file, Biff will:

  • Evaluate any changed Clojure files (and any files which depend on them)
  • Regenerate static HTML and CSS files
  • Run tests

When you're ready to deploy, see Production.


If you're on Windows, I recommend using Biff via WSL2. I do this myself. Plain Windows will mostly work, but the bb prod-dev command (used for Biff's optional develop-in-prod workflow) is unsupported, unless you manage to install rsync and fswatch somehow.

REPL-driven development

The bb dev command will start an nREPL server on port 7888 which you can connect to with your editor (see "Jacking in" below). There is a repl.clj file in your project which demonstrates how to interact with the system via the REPL.


Since files are evaluated on save, you usually don't have to evaluate anything from your editor to make changes take effect. However, if you make any changes to initial-system or components (see Architecture), Tasks, Queues, or config.edn, then you'll need to call the refresh function.

If you make any changes to secrets.env, you'll need to restart the JVM: hit ctrl-c in the terminal, then run bb dev again.

Jacking in

cider-jack-in and similar commands will start up a JVM and an nREPL server for you. However, bb dev already does that. Instead of running cider-jack-in, you should run cider-connect (or the equivalent) so that you can connect to the nREPL server started by bb dev. See Connecting to a Running nREPL Server in the CIDER docs.

(See also instructions for connecting with vim-iced.)

This does mean that CIDER will not be able to decide which version of the nREPL server dependencies to use. If you run into problems, you'll need to set the versions manually in deps.edn:

{:deps {nrepl/nrepl       {:mvn/version "..."}
        cider/cider-nrepl {:mvn/version "..."}

Optionally, you can configure Cider to start bb dev when you jack in by placing the following file contents in .dir-locals.el:

((nil . ((cider-preferred-build-tool . babashka)
         (cider-babashka-parameters . "dev"))))
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