Babashka Tasks

Biff uses Babashka tasks for command line operations. You can run the bb tasks command to see a list of available tasks:

$ bb tasks
The following tasks are available:

dev     Starts the app locally.
deploy  Deploys the app via `git push`.
hello   An example of a custom task.

Biff projects start out with several files related to Babashka tasks. bb.edn is the first file Babashka checks for configuration:

{:deps {com.example/tasks {:local/root "tasks"}}
 :tasks {dev    com.biffweb.tasks/dev
         deploy com.biffweb.tasks/deploy
         hello  com.example.tasks/hello

The tasks/deps.edn file contains a dependency to the com.biffweb.tasks namespace, which includes all of Biff's default tasks:

{:paths ["src"]
 :deps {com.biffweb/tasks {:git/url ""
                           :deps/root "tasks"
                           :sha "..."
                           :tag "..."}}}

If you need to define any custom tasks, you can put them in tasks/src/com/example/tasks.clj:

(ns com.example.tasks)

(defn hello
  "An example of a custom task."
  (println "Hello there."))

(You'll also need to add a line for the task to bb.edn.)

If you need to modify the behavior of any of Biff's default tasks, you can copy the source code for the task into your project and then update bb.edn to point to, for example, com.example.tasks/dev instead of com.biffweb.tasks/dev.

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