As mentioned previous section, Biff uses XTDB for the database. See the XTDB query reference.

Biff provides a couple query convenience functions. com.biffweb/q is a very light wrapper around xtdb.api/q. First, it will throw an exception if you pass an incorrect number of arguments to :in.

(q db
   '{:find [user]
     :in [email color]
     :where [[user :user/email email]
             [user :user/color color]]}
   "bob@example.com") ; Oops, we forgot to pass in a color--ask me sometime
                      ; how often I've made this mistake.

Second, if you omit the vector around the :find value, the results will be scalars instead of tuples. For example, the following queries are equivalent:

(require '[xtdb.api :as xt])
(require '[com.biffweb :as biff])

(map first
     (xt/q db
           '{:find [email]
             :where [[user :user/email email]]}))

;; Think of all the carpal tunnel cases we're preventing by eliminating the
;; need for constant map firsts!
(biff/q db
        '{:find email
          :where [[user :user/email email]]})

com.biffweb/lookup is a bit like xtdb.api/pull, except you pass in a set of arbitrary key-value pairs instead of a document ID:

;; The default pull expression is [*].
(lookup db :user/email "bob@example.com")
;; =>
{:xt/id #uuid "..."
 :user/email "bob@example.com"
 :user/favorite-color :chartreuse
 :user/best-friend #uuid "..."}

(lookup db '[* {:user/best-friend [*]}] :user/email "bob@example.com")
;; =>
{:xt/id #uuid "..."
 :user/email "bob@example.com"
 :user/favorite-color :chartreuse
 :user/best-friend {:xt/id #uuid "..."
                    :user/email "alice@example.com"
                    :user/favorite-color "mud brown"}}

There is also lookup-id, which returns the document ID instead of the entire document, in addition to lookup-all and lookup-id-all which return multiple documents.

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