Biff provides a set of project tasks via the :dev alias in deps.edn. Run clj -M:dev --help to see a list of available tasks:

$ clj -M:dev --help
Available commands:

  clean  - Deletes generated files
  css    - Generates the target/resources/public/css/main.css file.
  deploy - Pushes code to the server and restarts the app.
  dev    - Starts the app locally.

For convenience, you can add alias biff='clj -M:dev' to your .bashrc.

The set of available tasks is defined in dev/tasks.clj. If you want to create your own tasks, you can add them here. To keep startup time as low as possible, it's recommended to load libraries with requiring-resolve so that they only get loaded if you run a task that needs them:

(defn frobnicate []
  "Frobnicates your project."
  ((requiring-resolve 'foo.bar/frobnicate)))

(def custom-tasks
  {"frobnicate" #'frobnicate

If you need to modify the behavior of any of Biff's default tasks, you can copy the source code for the task into dev/tasks.clj and add it to custom-tasks.

Have a question? Join the #biff channel on Clojurians Slack, or ask on GitHub.

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