Static Files

You can create static HTML files by supplying a map from paths to Rum data structures. In, there's a static About page:

(def about-page
   {:base/title (str "About " settings/app-name)}
   [:p "This app was made with "
    [ {:href ""} "Biff"] "."]))

(def module
  {:static {"/about/" about-page}

The map values (about-page in this case) are passed to rum.core/render-static-markup and written to the path you specify. If the path ends in a /, then index.html will be appended to it.

You can use Tailwind CSS to style your HTML:

 {:type "submit"}
 "Sign in"]

The HTML and Tailwind CSS files will be regenerated whenever you save a file.

In addition, any files you put in resources/public/ will be served, so you can use that folder for logo images, plain JavaScript files, etc.

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